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Counselling Services

I am not your typical Counsellor, the ones who have their practices in a room with white walls and look at you with a blank look on their face.

Do you know the ones I mean?

I am a woman who has years of life experience and worked through a lot of loss myself. I have studied the human sciences for over 7 years and know first hand what it feels like when someone doesn’t listen to you.

My gift of therapy is listening intently to you as a woman, and acknowledging you as a person, for all the hard work and dedication you have done so far.



You have landed on my page and connected with me for a reason.

I am here to assist you further on your journey, to give you more insight into yourself then you have had before.

The main therapy I practice is Person Centred, which focuses on you and only you.

I also practice a variety of other therapies depending on what your needs are in the session.



I will give you tools that you can implement in your life straight away!

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