ATT HealthCare Professionals!!

What would it do for you if you had more time?

Before the crisis started to happen in the world, how much time were you allowing yourself to complete tasks, helping others versus spending time with your family?

As a woman, you may be saying to yourself, I don’t have enough time to eat, sleep, spend time with family and WORK!!

I get it! I was there too! I had a job as a mental health professional in the field and I felt like I was putting out all this energy and sometimes felt deflated. SO, I know how you are feeling.

It may be pulling you under and you feel like you are drowning in stress! Firstly, I admire and respect all you do and all you are doing, however, it comes a time, where you ask,

What would be the best part of having more time for yourself and your family?

Please see attached an article attached to on work-life balance at this time.


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