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Today we are living something I haven’t seen in my lifetime and for most people that are between the ages of 20 – 60 years old you wouldn’t have seen anything like this either.

What I am talking about is the devasting situations such as people losing their jobs, Millions of people lining up to get payouts from the government, people getting sick and dying in masses and restaurants and pubs closing down.

You may be sitting in your living room, your bedroom, office or maybe in your kitchen right now looking at this thinking WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??

I have had the same feeling as much as you, so I started to write this… You see there have been many risks taken BUT let me ask you this,

Have you ever been in a risky situation before?
What have you learned from it?
What has it taught you?
and How have you overcome those risky situations in the past?

Face situations HEAD ON rather than running away from them.

As David Weatherford states “When faced with a challenge LOOK for a way NOT a way out!”

Stay Safe,

Shawn Matthews