“How do you get inspired?

As I sit here at a table out in the country between Gold Coast and Numinbah Valley, I feel close to my roots.

A place called Beechmont, a place where I lived for the first 2 years of my life.
It’s a time to reflect, a time to be grateful and a time to get inspired for everything that is ahead this year!

To be sitting next to my partner that has his own dreams and aspirations which I am included in and some that I am not included in, gets me fired ? up!

It also makes me feel alive and so humble.

When the thought of being in lockdown from the world  my family and friends the thing I thought of the most was, “What a relief!!”

It’s my time to work on what I want to write, to create and what projects my partner and I want to build and finally… I felt at peace ☮️

??Some of you may be reading this or listening to this and thinking oh god that’s selfish!! However, it could be further from the truth.. For many years I have worked in communities, helping adults and children all around the world. They came first, not me… Until one day I was a mess! Stressed out, burnt out and trying too hard with people that either didn’t understand my work ethics, my nature and my love for people or they just didn’t appreciate it…

You decide….

I studied, I listened and I learnt the first thing about what people actually need and that is TIME OUT..

And I need it too…

You see it’s not selfish to say no and take time out for yourself … It’s the opposite in fact, it’s selfless..

It gives you more energy, time to reflect on who you are, how you see yourself and what changes you are willing to make…

Let me ask you this, Are you giving yourself enough time for you?

Reclaim Your Time —https://bit.ly/reclaimyourtime1

Reclaim You
Happy Healthy and Heard