How do you know something works? How do you know something doesn’t work?

How do you know if it’s research-based science or experience and knowledge, from what you’ve had in your life? How do you know? As I’m sitting here by the river and I have stepped into a different state of my reality.

I grew up in Burlington, Ontario, in Canada, and now I’m sitting by the river and Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, with birds around me in silence.

Did I make this happen? Yes, I did, but did I need help along the way? Yes, I did. I just chose to make the decision to focus on myself, understand myself, and be by myself for a period of time so I could figure, out exactly what I wanted, how I wanted my life to be and how I saw my future.

People think it’s hard, Yes, it is hard. Sometimes life is hard and it’s challenging, but once you work through those challenges and those obstacles, you could come out the other side, so full of energy, so grateful and so extremely proud of yourself and who you become! A boat just passed, I love boats, I love seeing boats, I love being on boats. Do I want to own a boat? No, but I like to travel on boats, so I wanted to be by the water to jump in the water, in the ocean or in a pool, Something along that line because that’s the number one thing that I want to teach other women just like YOU.

You are in a position right now that you want to change your future, your present, and your future.

You don’t know how I’m here to guide you in this process because you cannot do it alone. Trust me, I’ve tried, it doesn’t work. You need guidance, you need someone to be there for you.  You need somebody that is present.

People need each other, We are human beings. We need each other to grow, learn and experience life.

I’m going to leave you with this: Today I am grateful, today as I watch the river with boats going by birds chirping, and I sit here in so much gratitude, knowing how work I’ve done and how much work you can do as well.

So, TAKE THAT NEXT STEP, give me a call, because TRUST ME, I understand. It’s not all about science, but it’s part of it and you need guidance as much as the next person.

Love and Light my friends.

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Together We Can Heal Your heart!

~Shawn Matthews