Reclaim Your Vision  

With Shawn Matthews

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Have you ever been criticized for simply speaking what’s on your mind? 

As a result, you felt it was safer and easier to stay quiet and hidden away?

Did it feel as if people just didn’t understand you, so you hide your real voice?

Did you know that spending your time and energy with the wrong people can be one of the causes of this?

There are several lessons that can be learned when you are ready to reclaim your voice.

Change or Stay the same, It’s up to you!

Becoming more mindful and going within can be the start of something new something exciting, something so powerful that you never thought was in you!

Understanding what’s holding you back, digging deep to find your true voice and not being afraid of using it, is the first step of reclaiming you!


Through the techniques of Timeline Therapy (NLP) and Hypnosis, we work through the events that have been keeping you from speaking up and  I give you strategies and techniques to use on a daily. 

I Guide Women in Reclaiming their Time, Voice, Value and Vision. 

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