Okay. Starting over can be challenging for anyone.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you were starting over? 

Are you asking yourself,

“Can I do this?”

“How can I do this?” 

“Do I have the tools and knowledge to start over?” 

These are all common questions we all ask ourselves, but what most of us women are missing is self-esteem to start over. 

What happens is women look at themselves from a perspective of, I’m not good enough. This comes from the past thinking that you have failed in a relationship, failed in a position at work, failed in some sort of house agreement. You may even feel as though you have failed in a friendship, or even at being a mother or not being a mother. The list goes on.

As a result, feelings come up such as guilt, hurt, anger, fear, and sadness. The true foundation of starting over is building bricks. 

I challenge you to take one brick at a time and piece them together to rebuild your life, and rebuild your confidence.

Start Each New Day By Saying This-

“Today Is My Day. I am Going To Create: 

A New Pattern Of Thoughts

A New Wave Of Emotions

A New Connection To The World

A New Belief System In Myself”

Next…How Are you putting this into action?

Without action, we stay in the same beliefs that we are in today…

When you are ready to free yourself from what is truly holding you back, and keeping you spinning in circles you are ready to put your new belief in yourself into action!

Not sure where to start? 

Stop spinning in circles and start with this: 3 Positive Changes To Free Yourself From Stress, Anxiety & Fear

Together We Can Heal Your heart!

~Shawn Matthews