We all know words are powerful.

Communication has always been a top priority for me even at a young age. My mother instilled that we communicate and talk things through. Even when it was challenging or when I got angry.

I’ve had to learn different skills to communicate with the outside world because of the way my sister and I were brought up.  I found that most people communicate completely different from me.

I have to admit, talking about my feelings, being open has been difficult. I have always been very direct. However, it has had many pitfalls. What I mean by this is when I was ready and willing to speak my mind, I was considered insensitive & to the point. Feedback from work colleagues taught me that I needed to be careful on how I was saying things.

This caught me off guard because I felt I was just being honest and saying what was on my mind. Apparently people that I was hanging around or working with, did not appreciate that. So I made a shift to and became mindful. I also found that I became a bit quieter and instead of talking.

I started to listen.


From that day forward, I started learning about people and understanding ways that others communicate verbally and non-verbally.

I became more intuitive, more mindful, and more respectful of others. This started to be a good thing, a good change and good learning curve for me. Until one day I lost my voice altogether.

What I mean, is that I started listing so much that I forgot who I was. I forgot that I had a voice. I forgot that I was brought up to communicate what was on my mind without any apologies. As I’m writing this, the last sentence brought tears to my eyes.


Because I can’t believe after all these years, and at the age of 37 years old, with all that I have gone through, I have lost my voice. Even after all of the travels, opportunities and experiences that I’ve had, I have lost my voice. It’s puzzling, right?

How can this self-sufficient, healthy, 37 year old woman think she has lost her voice?

Well, the truth is I can’t believe it either. Does anyone?

I don’t know. Does anyone really know who they are? I don’t know.

The real question is why did I allow someone or some people influence who I was?

An even more puzzeling question is why did I allow myself to change?

The answer? Simple.  I wanted to learn about others. I wanted to encourage others to grow. I wanted to understand how one person’s opinion was not the only opinion.

I lost my old voice so I could create my new voice.

There are times in your life you really are not going to know why you’re doing something until you have gone through experiences and come out the other side.  A different, more advanced, knowledgeable, and understanding individual.

When that day comes, BE PROUD!! Hold your head up high and say, yes, this is me. I am me. Thank you.

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Together We Can Heal Your heart!

~Shawn Matthews