What do women really want most….

Well, according to myself, many of my clients that are women, girlfriends, and family members in business, we want to be listened to, heard and understood.

But how do we do that? Mostly, by paying attention.

First, we need to pay attention to  how we are communicating to ourselves. Once we understand that piece, then we can actually communicate to others. But something about us women, we like undivided attention and like aknowledgement,  of the message that is being sent. Same for men too, but women, we like to chat, we like to talk by sharing information. Communication in this manner can lead to innovation and more creativity at work, home and business.

We can use our body language and gestures to show that we are engaged. We provide feedback in relationships to build security. Listening is a big part of communication.

What we can do is reflect and paraphrase, I. E. repeat what the other person is saying to make sure what we heard is what they actually said.

We listened to obtain information.

We listened to understand informatio.

We listened to enjoy and we listened to learn.

But let’s shift back to paying attention. We need to pay attention to ourselves. Knowing yourself helps you communicate with others. It’s not just the words, but more the complete messages you communicate.

 Women tend to give a lot! In fact,  we give so much that sometimes we can get deflated. We want to feel appreciated, respected, loved, and even sexy.

We want to feel that connection and the communication with the understanding. How will you communicate the next time you’re in a conversation? Become aware of how you are listening, why you are listening and if you are listening. Are you getting distracted?

Often becoming aware of your listing skills can improve your relationships, work and business outcomes. What women want the most is what we need to start doing first.

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