Open Your Mind & Heart To Discovering Your Ideal State Of Balance.

Hello, my name is Shawn Matthews. I am a registered Counsellor and Coach, who assists women to Reclaim Their Time, Voice, Values, and Vision.

I see women break out of their everyday life and look outside the box for more holistic ways to Build Confidence, Manage Stress, and Reclaim Themselves. I see the women I work with going to the next level in their life and understanding their own healing needs.

My Vision is to impact 20,000 women’s ideology about their mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and financial health. In doing so, create love, leadership, positivity, commitment, bravery, and happiness throughout their lives!

Reclaim Your Time

In this short 30-day program we will go through the process to Reclaim your clock, your time, and get your life!  

Reclaim Your Voice

We will uncover the events in your life that have kept you from speaking up and expressing what you are passionate about, what you love, what irritates you,
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Reclaim Your Value

We will uncover the events in your life that have left you with a LACK OF COURAGE and LACK OF SELF – CONFIDENCE to ensure that together we GIVE YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR VALUE!

Reclaim Your Vision

We will uncover your personal strength, love, determination, courage, and persistence that will give you all the reason in the world to keep going. Read More


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MY Story

“I decided that I was going to resign from my position as a travel agent and actually go back to study something meaningful something that I can give back something that I could make a difference in and so I decided to go back and study community services and counseling so that was at the beginning of 2012 and I was in my first year of study and it was amazing.

It pushed me to my limits. I couldn’t believe after 10 years I’m sitting here with textbooks around me and I thought well let’s do this.”

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Participate in Learning & Giving tools that enable women to forge through the fear of stress, anxiety, & grief.

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Awards & Recognition

 Registered Counsellor - Bachelor in Applied Social Science
& Certified Master NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist  


What People Are Saying

“A Stunning Professional”

"I have known Shawn for close to 15 years and have seen first hand the growth and development she has experienced as both an individual and as a professional. She is a dedicated, honest and caring person who strives to support her clients, family and friends. I would highly recommend her services.."


Alyson Begbie, Australia

“My Safe Space”

"Working with Shawn has been an amazing experience. She shows up to each and every call whith an amazing willingness to suspend personal judgement. She has shown me extreme empathy and compassion that will never be she worked really Read More

Kristy Andreadakis, Alabama, United States

“A Curious Communicator”

"Shawn is an incredible woman dedicated to learning, growing and empowering others. If you haven’t yet, go now and book your complimentary discovery call with her. You won't regret a single minute of her unique approach to letting go of grief!

Kirsten Siggins, Toronto, Canada

"Shawn was amazing!"

She put all her energy, her knowledge, her heart to help me out to build up and find my self-value and how to be brave enough to chase my dreams, through clearing so many negative emotions and limiting believes. I am so grateful I have met her; she is an amazing Read More

Melissa Díaz Pardo, Sydney Australia


I worked with Shawn many times and she helped me towards my clarity in my life today.
The techniques she uses are very effective and helped me to clear past emotional blocks.
I highly recommend Shawn as a Counsellor.

Jane Rushton, Gold Coast Australia

“A Good Mentor”

When I started my sessions with Shawn I was in a very stressed and anxious state. Shawn has taught me so much about how my current life was a reflection of unresolved childhood trauma and that I need to change my way of thinking and learn to set boundaries to move forward in life. I’m beyond grateful for the progress that I have made over the last 3 months. Really excited about the future and what will come my way.

Guila Heman, Byron Bay Australia